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Franchises are a proven way to succeed as a small business owner, and fast food franchises have provided great opportunities for hard-working small business owners for decades. However, until recently, moving into the fast food franchise arena meant embracing a lifestyle at odds with healthy living. Proven Poke is here to show you that it is possible to combine the proven money-making potential of a successful franchise with a healthy lifestyle. Not only do we offer healthy food for our customers, but also a healthier way of life for our franchise owners and your employees.

What makes Proven Poke different from traditional fast food?

It starts, of course, with the food. Poke has a rich cultural history as a dish that began in Hawaii as a snack for fisherman. It is raw cubed fish that is traditionally served with condiments and seaweed. While the same cubed fish still serves as the base, poke has undergone a culinary explosion in the United States. At Proven Poke Co, we have incorporated some of the most popular trends in poke and combined them with some of our own innovations, to create some of the most delicious poke you will find in a fast casual restaurant anywhere in the United States. We call it a Hawaiian taste at an East Coast pace, and our customers love it.

The Time Is Now To Open A Proven Poke Franchise

This is a great time to get in on the ground-floor of a company that is committed to bringing real change to the world of fast food. With four successful locations already established, we are committed to a slow initial growth model, where we work with each of our franchise owners to not only help grow and develop the Proven Poke Co brand, but also to help optimize the business model for each individual restaurant. Working together, we will help bring in customers, and, we will use our business connections and proven successful business model to ensure that you can offer your customers the same fresh Hawaiian experience that they will find at any of our locations. Prospective franchisees also love the fact that our costs are low. Our food preparation methods mean simple kitchens, and when you take away the cost for deep fryers, hoods, and in-ground grease traps, you dramatically reduce the start-up costs associated with traditional fast-food franchises.

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